Public Sector Focus will look at all aspects of education from super secondaries to further and higher education while running stories on  everything from Free Schools to Academies.

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We're always on the look out for a great story or innovation. If you've got something that you'd like to share with your peers, let us know. We have our own editor who can work with you to present your story in the most effective way.

Focus on Health and Care

Public Sector Focus will be looking at the new challenges in healthcare and the innovative solutions developed to deliver quality services and meet increasing demand.

Focus on Local Government


Public Sector Focus will look at the changing role of local government in the light of the devo agreements and what it means for local authorities, their budgets and their local communities.

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Focus On

Focus ON Central Government

Public Sector Focus will look at all the developments in Central Government, including how it will react to the Government's spending plans.

We'll also be looking at how what happens in central government affects other areas of the public sector.

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Focusing on the public sector

  • devolution
  • Hospitals
  • IT efficiencies
  • Social Care
  • Schools
  • Vanguards